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A building was erected during 1878-79, complete with indoor plumbing and hot running water, and Graves was appointed principal of the new female seminary on Graves came to Wolfville acclaimed as a lady of executive ability and a teacher of high reputation, and she lived. During the Crimean War (1853-1856) he took part in the siege of Sevastopol (Ukraine) as the captain of a gun in the siege batteries, and he was present at the battle of Inkerman. . The following year, with partners, he built the Perseverance. . Three weeks later he proceeded some 50 miles north through the wilderness to his second parish, Ste Marie in the district of Clare. . James Spike (1807-1879) Printer and publisher In 1826 James Spike and Joseph Howe, then 22, bought the Weekly Chronicle from William Minns. . He was thus brought into intimate contact for nearly twenty years with the under-side and under class of Victorian Halifax. . Laurie was warden for Halifax County in 1880, and represented Shelburne, Nova Scotia in the Canadian House of Commons from 1887 to 1891.

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However, increased trade meant increased inflation for example, between 18 the price of flour doubled. . None of the early administrators of Nova Scotia, Francis Nicholson, Samuel Vetch, John Doucett, Thomas Caulfeild, had succeeded in obtaining. . Cunard and Company were destroyed when the firm's north pier and the Cunard office building and warehouse were demolished in 19 The attic of the old warehouse had been full of chests of old manuscripts and business papers and. This led La Tour to sell his rights to Sir Thomas Temple and Col. His first venture was the 14-ton schooner James William, constructed in 1821. . Family disputes were often before him, as were prosecutions for violations of the liquor licensing laws. . Francklin must be considered one of the truly important founders of the province. Joseph Barss (1776-1824) Joseph Barss's skill as a captain and the Liverpool Packet 's speed made him one of the most successful privateers during the War of 1812. . As a southerner he is more representative of Nova Scotia Loyalists than traditionally has been acknowledged, since analysis of their origins indicates that as many as one in three were from the southern colonies (now southern states).

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When Murray arrived in Cape Breton on June 21st he was particularly suspicious of Mathews, about whom he had been warned in Halifax. . Finucane promptly redistributed some of the contested lots. . Benjamin (1837-1912) Lumber baron and mystery entrepreneur by Ed Coleman, tephen. John's (Prince Edward) Island, Quebec province, and Bermuda. He did much to popularize the field of geology in Nova Scotia, both through his publications and through the provincial museum. . Israel Perley (1738-1813) In 1763, a number of families, led by Israel Perley, arrived in four vessels from New England, and settled at Maugerville, on the. . On 25 February 1839 Cunard wrote to William Kidston and Sons of Glasgow asking them to obtain estimates from Napier. . Between 18e prepared four papers for it, but it followed the practice of other provincial societies of that time and her work was always read by a man. . By 1859 he had developed a reading knowledge of ten languages. Jean Manach (c.1727-1766) James Wolfe (1727-1759) Army officer Joshua Winslow (1727-1801) Army and militia officer, diarist, judge, and politician Charles Deschamps de Boishébert et de Raffetot (1727-1797) In October 1746, Boishébert took part in the unsuccessful siege of Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, the British administrative. Jacques de Chambly? In 1832 the name was changed to Belcher's Farmer's Almanack. . On General Washington listened to Eddy's arguments for invading Nova Scotia but declined to offer any military assistance. . Sarah Herbert (1824-1846) Author, publisher, and educator Archibald Woodbury McLelan (1824-1890) McLelan was a man of judgement and good sense. . His early life appears to have been spent on merchant vessels, probably those of his father, where he became proficient in the ways of the sea. . During the 1850s and 1860s he achieved an enviable reputation for his microscopic studies of fossils, a reputation that continued throughout his lifetime; he was a Canadian pioneer in this field. During the American revolution (1775-1783) Francklin remained loyal to the crown. . Pasquine left maps of the mouths of the Saint John, Penobscot, and Kennebec rivers, where he recommended that forts be erected. . 1662) Not to be confused with Pierre du Gua de Monts (1558?-1628) The crossing of the North Atlantic ocean in 1662 was rough. . Rand studied Micmac customs and folklore; by familiarizing himself with the language, he deepened his appreciation of the mental cast of the Indians, whose intelligence he highly esteemed. . Walter Bromley (1775-1838) Social reformer, humanitarian, and educator Bromley's Royal Acadian School, which opened in Halifax in 1813-14, represented an important departure in education for the colonies. . When the Treaty of Breda restored Acadia to France in 1667, Emmanuel Le Borgne recovered his former possessions. . Vossnack finished this extensive enterprise entirely to their satisfaction, and was thus responsible for building the first grain elevator in the Maritime provinces. .

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